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Reduce the total cost of your IT investments

At HP Integrated Financial Solutions, our goal is to help organisations acquire the right equipment they need to support their business goals and succeed in a competitive market.

We combine market-leading HP products with an effective financial and asset management solution to keep the total cost of ownership down. Unlike CAPEX that's required upfront or a traditional bank loan that includes interest payments, we offer subsidised finance. You only pay for a portion of the equipment for the period that its useful in your environment.


This pay-for-use model offers full scalability, complete flexibility, better resource management, and more agility in a constantly changing business world.



Boost productivity

Empower your workforce with the latest HP solutions built for modern processes.

Sustainable IT

HP is recognised as one of the world’s most sustainable companies.  HP helps organisations cut costs and save energy with industry-leading products that use fewer resources
and create less waste. HP is
 committed to using 75% less single-use plastic packaging by 2025HP will eliminate plastic-based foam cushions from packaging used to secure printers and PCs and replace them with pulp-based, 100% recycled and recyclable substitutes.



Small Businesses 

Small and Medium Enterprises can no longer ignore the financial impact of sweating their technology assets. Through HP Integrated Financial Solutions, SME's can redirect capital required to purchase their technology, to grow their business instead. We are committed to funding rates way below those offered in the market. By using our financial solutions, SME's can now access our market-leading products immediately. 


Corporate Enterprises

Operational and financial efficiency is key to maximizing bottom-line profitability for any corporate entity. We offer our clients tools to ensure a cost-effective IT infrastructure for the new equipment that they need. We are specialists at offering tailor-made financial and asset management solutions for HP technology products, whether you are cash-rich or follow a conservative CAPEX model.


Public Enterprises

With our customised product suite, HP Integrated Financial Solutions can tailor finance solutions typically required by the public sector. Our financial offering has numerous benefits which include saving your working capital, spending less on IT, investing in fewer depreciating assets, and scalability. A total end to end solution can be offered where and when required.

Value Added Services

  Asset Tracking

Gain better visibility of your organisation's assets with our powerful asset tracking system. 

  Asset Disposal

We can provide your organization with an environmentally safe and responsible way to dispose your IT hardware.

  Insurance & Warranty

We offer full comprehensive insurance and warranty cover for all leased assets.



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