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What are the benefits of financing or leasing through HP Integrated Financial Solutions?

  • Financing or leasing is a great way for an organisation to gain access to the latest HP products without the burden of the full, up-front cost. Payments are spread evenly over the leasing period making it easy to conserve your cash flow, preserve your credit lines and balance budgets.

  • At HP Integrated Financial Solutions, we can deliver off balance sheet financing in terms of IFRS (but subject to your auditor’s financial opinion).

  • 100% of the payments payable to HP Integrated Financial Solutions are tax deductible, in the period in which they are due.

  • When paired with our asset management component, we can also assist with the essential facilitation of lifecycle management practices.

How does HP Integrated Financial Solutions actually work?

  • Should you wish to pursue a leasing option; a quote will be provided detailing your specific requirements together with pricing;

  • Quotes are typically quoted for quarterly lease periods;

  • Should you wish to proceed, an application form will be required which will be used for credit vetting purposes;

  • On successful application, HP Integrated Financial Solutions will prepare a lease contract which will be required to be signed by you;

  • On receipt of relevant paperwork,  we will deliver the equipment;

  • Payments will be collected on a periodic basis for the duration of the lease period.

How long is the leasing term?

  • Leases typically run 36 months but can go up to 60 months.

Will I be able to add more products to my lease later?

  • Yes, leasing with HP Integrated Financial Solutions results in increased flexibility and scalability. If you need additional hardware or want to upgrade to the latest HP solutions, you can do so easily, independent of budget cycles.


What happens at the end of the leasing term?

HP Integrated Financial Solutions dedicated End-of-Term team will engage with you months before your contract is due to expire, allowing you enough time to decide if you want to:

  • Replace and return the leased assets;

  • Extend the contract;

  • Negotiate a solution that combines the above options.


You will also have a dedicated relationship manager who will be involved with you throughout the whole process

How will I know that my leasing term  is coming to end of term?


  • You will have online access to all your contracts where you can track the expiry dates of all your contracts, giving you full control

  • Our dedicated End-of-Term team will also engage with you months before the contract is due to expire, allowing you enough time to decide if you want to return the assets, extend the contract or negotiate a solution that combines the two;


What happens to the data stored on the equipment when it is returned?


  • In the event that there is sensitive company data found on the equipment, we provide fully compliant and secure data destruction and sanitisation services - safely removing and wiping off  all confidential data to avoid a data breach.

Got more questions?

  • If you have more  questions about financing and leasing your new HP products, speak to our team about your needs and we will do our very best to provide you with the answers!

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