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Stay in control of your assets

Asset Tracking

Most IT environments are constantly evolving with new hardware added or new applications launched; and software and operating systems upgraded. All these moving parts need to be managed to ensure everything runs smoothly and is kept up-to-date. A leasing contract that’s paired with an asset management component will help an organisation ensure that compliance and control are maintained. 


V-Track™ is HP Integrated Financial Solutions asset tracking tool that performs real time tracking of all networked and internet connected assets. The tracking solution releases a light agent onto the network which collects all the data on the equipment. Reports can be automated or done manually, as needed. 

Our asset tracking tool will audit, track and manage your IT assets. You will receive immediate answers to questions such as:

  • What assets do I have?

  • What is the configuration of my assets?

  • What software resides on my hardware?

  • Where are my assets located?

  • Have there been any changes to the specifications of my assets?

  • Which assets do not meet minimum specifications, where are they located and who are the users?

  • Have any assets gone missing?

Our system is designed to scale very well within all types of organisations, providing a current and accurate overview of your IT environment. Naturally, this also helps IT managers make better decisions when it comes to upgrading the environment or when software compliance reports are required.  Our vendor-agnostic system will track and manage your IT estate regardless of whether they are rented or purchased or from multiple vendors.

Asset Disposal

The lack of or ineffective disposal policies can create a large amount of e-waste, storage overflow and space constraints. Replacing and updating your organisation's technology is simple but disposing of this equipment without contributing to environmental hazards, while also protecting your data, requires a more complex strategy.

At HP Integrated Financial Solutions, we offer a solution that provides secure data sanitisation and disposal of outdated assets from data centers, servers, and storage through to PCs, PC components and monitors.

Our solution comprises of:

  • Decommissioning of Assets: Uninstalling and removing assets from the network as well as entering them into a database that enables assets to be tracked throughout the disposal process.

  • Reverse Logistics: All equipment can be collected and transferred to our secure facility for data sanitisation, refurbishment, remarketing and recycling.

  • Data destruction and sanitisation: Our process utilises Blancco’s certified software to ensure that all data contained within is rendered completely irretrievable. This can be performed either at your premises or at our secure facility.

  • Disposal and recycling: All devices unsuitable for re-use are disposed of in a secure and environmentally responsible manner.

Our processes comply with all e-waste regulations and we can provide e-waste disposal certificates for all disposed assets.

Insurance & Warranty

We understand how important your equipment is to you, and we want you to continue enjoying peace of mind once your standard warranty period has expired. We offer full comprehensive insurance and extended warranty cover against accidental damage, theft and more. 


Asset Tracking
Asset Disposal
Insurance & Warranty
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