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Avoid technological obsolescence and refresh your entire IT estate with a leasing option.
HP Business Lease

HP Integrated Financial Solutions offers a comprehensive leasing and asset management solution which provides the client the right to use HP products for a pre-defined period. At the end of the period, the client returns the equipment back to HP Integrated Financial Solutions and obtains new equipment as needed, obligation-free. The client does not assume the risk of ownership of the equipment or the costs associated with owning or disposing of it. Leases are treated as an operating expense in the income statement and the financing arrangement remains off-balance sheet.

HP Integrated Financial Solutions subsidises the cost of the technology you need through a non-recourse residual investment. The subsidy ensures that our clients never pay for the full cost of the equipment, by aligning cost to usage. Non-recourse to you means you are not responsible for paying the residual at the end of the contract. Various end of period options are available for you to keep you ahead of the ever-changing technology requirements.


Some of the benefits of leasing are as follows:

  • More cost-effective than using own cash or traditional bank funding;

  • Assists in maintaining your cash flow and maximises your allocated budget;

  • The total cost of ownership is decreased;

  • The accounting and administrative burden of asset ownership is eliminated;

  • Out of warranty support costs are minimised and the risk of technological obsolescence is reduced;

  • The number of vendors associated with procurement, management and retirement of assets is reduced;

  • Disposal responsibilities and costs are taken care of by us.

HP Asset Management

At HP Integrated Financial Solutions, we help organisations manage their leased equipment for as long as they require the use thereof. We offer our clients asset management solutions which include real time asset tracking, dedicated asset managers, online contract information, comprehensive insurance, and extended warranties.

Our online contract information system has details of:

  • All schedules/contract numbers

  • Inception dates

  • Expiry dates

  • Cost centres and locations

  • Serial numbers of all rented assets

  • Full descriptions of rented assets

  • Rentals due

  • Part settled assets etc.


This will give clients access to all information about their leased assets.

HP Technology Refresh

After purchase expenses such as security measures, software updates, computer repair, and general support, contribute significantly to the total cost of ownership. Technology needs to be refreshed regularly to ensure these expenses don't carry over long after the equipment has passed its optimal levels. An organisation must have the most up-to-date equipment to save time, decrease costs for the business, and make processes more efficient.

​The latest HP solutions for your business will ensure that your employees have the technology they need to transform their work processes. Our planned refresh program will seamlessly move you onto your new equipment cycle without breaking the bank.  

Delayed upgrades should not be an issue, we can help. Speak to our team today for a cost effective solution. 

Leasing Solutions
Contract and Asset Management
Technology Refresh
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Level 1 Compliant

HP Integrated Financial Solutions is a LEVEL 1 contributor. This is the highest BEE rating possible in terms of the DTI Codes of good practice. HP Integrated Financial Solutions is also a recognised Value Added Enterprise. What this means is that you are able to claim 135% of every R1.00 spent with HP Integrated Financial Solutions as BEE procurement

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